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Duck hunting with stuffed and decoy

The most effective use of stuffed animals on approaching to vast stretches devoid of high vegetation, where the bulk of ducks is concentrated in the daytime. Such places are determined on the morning dawn in the direction of flight of duck flocks, arrived on the day.

The most effective use of stuffed animals on approaching to vast stretches devoid of high vegetation, where the bulk of ducks is concentrated in the daytime. Such places are determined on the morning dawn in the direction of flight of duck flocks, arrived on the day. Moreover, you need to navigate those flocks that fly at a low altitude, which is a sure sign that the day spot is close. Having determined its location, the hunter looks after some natural shelter (bush, reed curtain) and settles in, using it as a barrier and having good visibility for shooting.

The more the hunter puts the stuffed animals in sight, the better. 10-15 stuffed animals provide a completely effective hunt. Stuffed animals should have the size, shape and pose of calmly sitting ducks and without any roll to stay on the water. Some of the stuffed animals are painted to the color of drakes in their full outfit. The distance between the stuffed animals is about 1 m.

Stuffed animals should imitate those species of ducks that are found or are in flight, so the collection of effigies should be varied. You can’t mix stuffed river and duck ducks, they should be planted in separate schools.

In windy weather, on a noticeable wave, scarecrows should be planted under the protection of a natural shelter (shore, reed wall), ducks hanging on a wave of stuffed ducks reluctantly.

Scarecrows are planted taking into account the direction of the wind, because Ducks most often fly up and down to stuffed animals against the wind.

1. If the wind blows on the hunter, then the stuffed animals are placed 30 m in front of the hunter.

2. From the back – then 10-15 m ahead of the hunter.

3. When the wind is on the right, the stuffed animals should be located 20 m to the right.

4. To the left – 20 meters to your left.

Shooting on ducks sitting and taking off from the water is most beneficial. When a flock approaches the front, it is worth letting it fly 20-30 meters and standing in front of it, in most cases ducks soar up sharply, exposing themselves to shots.

Ducks with stuffed animals are hunted in autumn and spring.

Since spring duck hunting is limited to shooting drakes, hunting with decoy takes a central place in it.

The ease of use of a duck to lure drakes is deceptive, because decoy must meet the requirements inherent not to an ordinary duck, but to a pedigree bird. Outwardly no different from the wild mallard duck, the duck must not be shy, reckless and sociable in relation to his own kind, trying his best to summon them to himself, while possessing a good voice. Practice has established that drakes are best attracted by ducks with loud, but not the highest voices, with light, slightly pronounced hoarseness.

When choosing a decoy, you should give preference to that duck, which behaves aggressively: it gets into a fight with its own kind, when approaching a person, it starts threateningly hissing and ruffling feathers. Such a duck will not be silent on the hunt.

The decoy is delivered to the place of hunting in a closed basket or drawer with holes for breathing. A leg is placed on the foot (leather bracelet) with a copper ring to which the cord is attached. To hold the duck, you need to use a peg with a platform on which the decoy will periodically sit down to rest, taking it for a bump.

The “work” of decoy on water consists of the components: “invertebrates” and “precipitation”. The dimensional quacking of a duck (kvachka) indicates that the duck is at work, gives news of itself and looks out for the drake. As soon as he falls into her field of vision, the invertebrate passes into the sediment – a series of erotic, almost merging quacks, which is a passionate appeal addressed to the drake and a signal to the hunter – to prepare for the shot.

Under hypnosis of uncontrollably repeating sediments, even a very cautious drake finally sinks into the water next to the duck, which, having sad experience, hurries away from it to the entire selection of leash, realizing that in the next instant its cavalier will be crumpled by the charge of a hasty shot. There is no limit to the insidious decoy. And then the surroundings are again announced by her recruiting thorough quacking.

Shooting during spring hunting is conducted exclusively on drakes, therefore, for complete certainty, it is customary to shoot only a bird sitting on the water, which should be aimed at the base of the neck.

In the absence of a decoy duck, some hunters use decoys to lure teal drakes, which, if the hunter has experience, give a good result.

Ducks are shot, depending on their species, hunting methods and season, shots from No. 7 (teal) and to No. 3 (mallards, large dives). The universal number of the fraction, when hunting at dawn, when it is not known what exactly will fly, however, it should be recognized No. 5.

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