Thumallus vulgaris Vills
Of all the fish that inhabit the rivers and lakes of Siberia and the Far East, grayling is the most common fish. The distribution range of grayling is very wide:…

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The art of shooting, or about the trigger
In order for the shot to be fired, you need to press the trigger. Everyone knows and can do this, such an action is not difficult for anyone. However, if…

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Woodcock and Dupel Hunt
Dupel is much less common snipe and most hunter-legati are valued higher than snipe. Usually, the dupel is spoken of as the first, best swamp game, however, S.T. Aksakov argues…

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Are there perfect knives?

A knife is not a one-time purchase, and therefore I want it to be of the highest quality possible. Only a reliable product will serve faithfully for many years. Universal models of knives simply do not exist, and only the knife that is optimally and most accurately selected for all the needs and expectations of a particular user will be ideal.

Today we will talk about how to bring ourselves closer to the dream, and choose the most suitable model of the blade for different purposes.

Today there are some of the most common steel grades: 420. It is the most affordable, among all. It is easy to sharpen it even at home, and it hardly yields to corrosion processes. However, 420 steel does not hold the sharpness of the cutting edge well. AUS-8. Represents corrosion-resistant steel from the Japanese production of Aichi Steel Works. Knife manufacturers are actively using this material in the manufacture of serial models. Sandvic 12C27. This is a special tool steel from the Swiss company Sandvic AB. It belongs to the materials of the middle class, but is of high quality. Among lovers of knife art, it is known for its purity from various impurities. VG-10. High-quality, corrosion-resistant steel, which was developed by a Japanese company specifically for the manufacture of blades. It is used by eminent manufacturers of high and medium price segments. D2. This is an instrumental modern steel, which is popularly called the “stainless steel floor”. It contains a lot of chromium, but still it is not enough to name D2 as stainless. It is highly durable, and also maintains the sharpness of the cutting part of the blade for a long time. CPM S30V is a high carbon powder stainless steel. Its chemical composition contributes to the fact that the production produces a homogeneous steel structure, which improves the strength and cutting properties. Used in expensive copyright knives.

Knife selection
What is a good, high-quality knife? Of course, there are certain criteria that an ideal knife should supposedly meet. But sometimes, they contradict each other. For example, such criteria include the high hardness of the blade, as well as its strength under impacts and high loads. However, the choice of such a product should be based on what the knife is for:

Small household tasks;
Daily difficulties in urban environments;
Fishing, hunting, tourism;
Self defense;
After it is decided with what the blade is for, you can proceed to the selection of the knife design. In general, all products can be divided into folding and those that have a fixed blade.

The advantages of a folding knife include its light weight, compact dimensions, as well as the possibility of hidden carrying. Thanks to these advantages, they are easy to use in everyday life and simple tasks.

One of the varieties of folding knives are multitool. These are folding devices, which are characterized by multifunctionality, as their design provides not only a knife, but also other useful components.

Knives with fixed blades are usually used outdoors: by hunters, tourists, fishermen and so on. That is, in those conditions where the weight of the knife is not critical, but the simplicity and reliability of the design are paramount in the choice.

A fixed knife is easier to clean from dirt, it has a greater margin of safety and, accordingly, it does not need to be brought into working position, as a folding one.

Another important factor is the handle of the knife. Regardless of the purpose for which the product you have chosen will be, it should lie comfortably in your hand, not slip out, and should not get your hand caught during prolonged use. In the manufacture of handles for knives, a wide variety of synthetic and natural materials are used today.

Leather. Tactile, this material is very pleasant, but its main drawback is hygroscopicity. In addition, over time, the skin begins to absorb external aromas.
Tree. Such material in the manufacture of knives is considered classic. A beautiful natural tree will not only delight you with its durability and beautiful appearance, but also with a feeling in your hand.
Zytel. This is a thermoplastic material developed by Du Pont. It is abrasion resistant, inexpensive and impact resistant.
G-10. It is a fiberglass based on fiberglass and epoxy resins. It is characterized by excellent impact-resistant properties, high-quality moisture resistance, and can also be painted in various colors.
Titanium. As a rule, it is used for manufacturing handles of folding knives. It differs from other materials by corrosion resistance, light weight and high wear resistance.
The duration of its sharp sharpening, the absence of rusting and chipping depends on what steel grade the blade is made of. Of course, subject to high-quality heat treatment.

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