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Game on the dish: How to cook a tasty hunting prey

The hunting season is open in most regions of Russia. This means that in many families a rare product will appear – game. Very severe sanitary and epidemiological laws apply to the meat of wild animals in our country, so it is almost impossible to meet it in supermarkets. If there are no hunters in the family, among acquaintances one will definitely find someone who can lure the meat of a hare, roe deer, wild boar or poultry. What to do with prey, what and how to cook from game?

How to Cook Hunting Prey Deliciously
The hunting season is open in most regions of Russia. This means that in many families refrigerators will be filled with a rare product – game. And even if you have no hunters in your family, you can hunt for the hunters themselves – among friends you will definitely find someone who can lure the meat of hare, roe deer, wild boars or poultry.

After all, we have no other way to cook game: very severe sanitary and epidemiological laws apply to the meat of wild animals in our country, so it is almost impossible to meet it in supermarkets. But in some restaurants, especially those specializing in meat cuisine, you can still get a tasting plate – to understand what this product is valued for.

game recipes

Valuable mining

Game meat is high-calorie, nutritious and has dietary properties. In civilized countries, game is very expensive and is considered a delicacy. Western Europeans appreciate the meat of the partridge, which feeds on the buds of willow (vines) and its meat has a bitter taste.

According to nutritionists, game is a very valuable meat that is good for human health. This is due to the fact that neither the remnants of drugs nor the remnants of artificial hormones spoil its quality.

Wild animals and birds lead a mobile lifestyle, so their meat is quite dense and not particularly fat, even in autumn. Therefore, before preparing dishes from such meat, it is recommended to keep it in a marinade, stuff it with lard and use more fat.

Seasonal Product

Game cooked by season. This is a fundamental difference from other dishes. Every game has its season. Overwintered animals and birds are dragging by spring, they breed offspring in summer – hunting is prohibited. By the end of summer, from the second half of August, hunting is allowed: young growth has grown, the rest have gained fat. Game meat is especially delicious at this time.

All Russian game dishes are usually less greasy and more aromatic than domestic meat dishes.

Secrets of preparation

Many hunters know the rule: it is not recommended to immediately prepare dishes from a beaten bird, you should hold it in the cellar for two or three days, no less. They store game on a glacier slightly frozen. Wild poultry meat is darker, tougher than poultry, it has more extractive substances, it is considered a delicacy if cooked correctly.

Feathered game feathers are removed with the skin. The legs and breasts are separated, the spine is removed. In addition, the legs and breasts of all birds are always cooked separately. In dives, herons, drink, loon, coot, not only the skin is removed, but also the fat and spine are removed.

Iron on the tailbone of a bird is generally enemy No. 1 for the cook, and the specific taste of game is given by the glands that are located in the skin.

They pinch a hollow, snipe, quail, woodcock, partridge, black grouse, capercaillie, mallard, teal, pheasant. For all the rest, and especially the species of birds unknown to you, it is better to remove feathers with the skin.

To beat off the unpleasant fishy smell of a waterfowl, it is blanched in boiling water for about 10 minutes, the water is poured out, the carcass is washed and prepared according to the appropriate recipe. The main secret of cooking poultry, in which meat has a specific fish smell, is to cook it with the addition of fresh tomatoes or tomato paste. If grated garlic is added to the sauce 10 minutes before serving, then even vegetarians will not resist such a dish.

Elk, boar, roe deer (liver, most often) – can be cooked directly by the fire, fresh.

Whole carcasses are prepared: you can stuff them with mushrooms, rice, apples, offal, minced meat. Game soups are not cooked.

game recipes

You can chop the carcass into pieces and cook in a pot with vegetables, potatoes, roots. The famous dish of French cuisine – partridge with cabbage – is prepared for several hours.

We usually extinguish hares and rabbits, chopping the carcass into small pieces, and serve with gravy in which the meat was stewed. But the French are preparing hares like that. They divide the carcass into two parts, prepare a fried hare saddle from the back with legs, and prepare a delicious paste from the front of the carcass.

In Russia, in taiga villages, they always knew how to cook meat of large wild animals – moose, deer, wild boar, bear. Now such coarse meat is more often put on cutlet mass, but in places where traditions are not lost, as well as in signature restaurants, they can properly withstand, marinate such meat and cook delicious dishes (pork, red meat, hunting meat, smoked meat) .

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