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Crossbow ManKung

ManKung crossbows are in fact not in any way hunting, and the information provided by sellers about them is significantly distorted. As it turned out, the manufacturer himself did not at all consider that these crossbows were hunting even in theory when they were designed. It is now fashionable to resell these crossbows to a gullible buyer under different names and with virtual numbers in the description. That is why we will see what is true in them, and what is a deliberate lie, and why it arose.
Hunting Crossbows MAN-KUNG MK-400 – Deception starts right with the name
The crossbow ManKung MK-400, Armborst XB-400 (Hermes) is the same, he is the BowMaster Tornado, he is the DendraBlaster, and so on, he is Gosh, he is Horus, he is Goga, etc. colloquially called VelosityArcheri Armageddon, as a rule, is sold in Russia at a price of 17,500 to 18,000 rubles, glistening with enviable characteristics, as claimed by those who sell it. Let’s check what kind of bird flew from China this time.

Why crossbows ManKung are widespread in Russia and cheap. Because they are FORBIDDEN, and mostly illegal

Andrey Shalygin: The popularity of MAN KUNG crossbows in Russia for sports and recreation (which their importers try to present in Russia, but which they actually are not 75% of) is immediately determined by at least five well-known factors:
By import into Russia by private individuals of these products in a disassembled state as spare parts without taxation and the absence of customs declaration and certification for subsequent sale (tax evasion, and consequently, low price if GOST does not comply).
Substitution of the concepts of weapons-non-weapons by declaring shoulders with an effort of up to 43 kgfs, and in fact by selling in a complete set of reinforced shoulders with a tension of more than 80 kgfs.
A photocopy of other people’s certificates (and their appendix to the left product with the seal of companies that have no relation whatsoever to the original recipient of the certificate) issued to strictly defined legal entities that are legally importing into the territory of the Russian Federation a limited and technically modified consignment that is strictly limited in terms of the amount of imported goods per which certification is valid.
Falsification of the present technical characteristics of products by arbitrary spelling of arbitrary numbers is not related to a specific sample.
The absence of any warranty on the products sold, which saves the seller from tomorrow’s failure of the product, and even more so the responsibility in the event of a crime or accident.
All this, and much more, makes these crossbows a very cheap product (especially since they were originally of Chinese origin), which leads to their high popularity among budget buyers.

The cunning of the Chinese in deceiving the client can be seen right from the name – We all think that the MK-350, – 380, – 400 – these are speeds. Nothing like this. The oldest model will never develop even 350 feet per second with full-time arrows, and with shoulders of 43 kgf it will not give even 75 meters per second, that is, 250 feet per second. Therefore, the analogies here with the American lines such as Barnett GHOST 410, 400, 360 – are not appropriate. In the case of China, this is a tricky marketing ploy.

In fact, crossbows ManKung products are very cheap initially and are FORBIDDEN to sale inside China itself in general. In principle, it is prohibited for sale there – only for export. Moreover, for a number of reasons they are banned in other countries, but more on that below.

At the same time, for Europe, America and for Russia, completely different crossbows are made in different configurations, so you can not watch Velosity Archeri videos and don’t overwhelm their characteristics. Therefore, for Europe and Russia, the MK-380 MK-400 models have the For sale in Europe & Russia only attribute (see the website for the link). It stands there because, the USA DOES NOT CONSIDER these product samples SAFE for a consumer within the USA.

This is partly due to the fact that the strength characteristics of fiberglass shoulders and the block system do not allow them to work on the announced efforts safely for the consumer, and also due to the use of materials containing high levels of harmful substances in crossbows (chemical compounds and dyes in plastic in the first place ( both black and primarily red)). Therefore, the Chinese write on the manufacturer’s website that the MK-380 and -400 models are only for Europe and Russia.

In addition to the EU and Russia, this product does not have permission to import anywhere in the world at all, regardless of the effort of the shoulders and everything else.

In addition, since this crossbow belongs to the most budgetary category of crossbows, talking about some kind of foreign hunting of its owners with reinforced shoulders is just criminal casuistry at the level of baby talk – you can’t buy a groundhog in Tajikistan with that kind of money , therefore, for crossbows of this class, reinforced shoulders are the obvious criminal liability for illicit arms trafficking.

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