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Review of the best blocky hunting bow

On the agenda is a full review of the BEAR ARCHERY AGENDA-6 2014 block hunting bow, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the new TOP of hunting bows of the legendary Archery Company No. 1 in the World. The top is faster, lighter, softer, quieter, and has one of the smoothest shooting cycles in the world, as well as the toughest and quietest platform in the world. Almost a hunting bow came as close as possible to a sports bow. At the same time, it probably became slightly less resistant to blank shots, which we used to expect from BEAR ARCHERY – the only bows in the world who were not afraid of blank shots. However, a collapse with him will not happen if you do not violate the instructions.

On the agenda – I have an Agenda – BEAR AGENDA 6 2014
Baer Archery Block Hunting Review – Agenda 6

Andrei Shalygin: Baer Archery does not need to present hunting block bows in Russia – these are the best-selling block hunting bows in Russia, which are sold through more than 1000 dealers INTERLOPER – the exclusive representative in Russia and the CIS BEAR ARCHERY – Archer Company No. 1 according to ATA – International Archery Trade Association.


After the previous TOP-Bow of the Bears MOTIVE-6 was recognized as the Best Hunting Bow of 2013, the heirs of Fred Baer tried to take into account all the comments of their critics (although, in vain they did it, because if the ill-wishers are unhappy, then in fact you are doing everything right ), which no longer touched reality, but were located in the virtual realm – they say, the design is not up-to-date, there are not enough options, and so on.

Without a doubt, the main positive tactical properties of this bow is that it –
Fast (350 fps), lightweight (minus 20% of platform weight),
Quiet, comfortable, soft (Metiv was already much quieter than its main competitors, but here the bears added damping integrated directly into the frame, which they had never done before, and then the platform became more developed),
Accurate (less vibration, smoother blocks, a more powerful platform, roller taps with a slider),
Has a revolutionary-smoothed response curve of blocks (perhaps the softest and smoother firing cycle in the world),
Equipped with a very powerful damped rigid platform of modern design (perhaps the best platform among block bows in the world),
It has easily adjustable settings that do not require either a press or insert sectors (as, for example, in Hoyt), etc.
Available in a wide variety of designs and colors.
It is provided with the BEAR ARCHERY Lifetime Warranty on the platform provided by the exclusive official representative in Russia with the largest dealer network in Russia.
Cons – I would call the main minus of the new BEAR ARCHERY bows in general – weaker blocks than before. Of course, the new sports developed H13 hybrid blocks with a rotating module – give the owners of new Bears all the options to customize them, by adjusting the stretch in half-inch increments, a smooth draw and good reset, a smooth response curve, smooth boom acceleration …
But at the same time, the blocks are quite openwork, have a noticeable beak-shaped protrusion, and on it there is also a cutout for the passage of the bowstring, which, of course, in this place with a single shot can lead to the curvature of the beak of the block. No, your bowstring will not break like on the Hoytas, and it will not blow either a regiment or a sight, but the block can distort. And if that happened, then with further shooting this defect will become more and more amplified until you discover it visually.

Of course, all this doesn’t have to happen at all, and it can only happen with a blank shot, if it does, and it can be fixed simply by the reverse death of the stainless steel manually … but, if that happened, then such an improvised the repair will not fix the problem, since the groove still grew, and in the place of tension the metal will still bend sooner or later during operation, if it began to bend there.

Bean Product Pick 2014 Bear Archery Agenda 6

In this case, other bows in the event of a blank shot can generally fly to pieces. But we are already accustomed to the fact that the bows of the Bears are obliged to keep a blank shot always and everywhere, and the only ones in the world … But somehow this time we cannot give such a guarantee – sportiness is always an enemy of reliability and reasonableness.

Although, I saw BEAR AGENDA-6 even after 12 consecutive blank shots, and at the same time, although there was a curvature of one block, it didn’t stop shooting from this. Yes, of course, the accuracy is no longer the same, but in a difficult situation, the new Baers at least do not burst the bowstring and do not fly apart in different directions after an empty shot, as happens with the vast majority of block bows in the world.

Of course, Hunting Luke Baer Archery is a Legend all over the world, and, of course, the new flagship of the lineup will find its fans (and I have already found it for a long time), but nevertheless, on the issue of reliability, a comment on these innovations, at least for me, is available. Although it is much better than others, but not perfect as before.

Review of the best blocky hunting bow
On the agenda is a full review of the BEAR ARCHERY AGENDA-6 2014 block hunting bow, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the new TOP of hunting bows of the…


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