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How to choose a feeder rod

Warm weather is a great occasion to visit the fresh air more often, which means it’s time to look at the feeder rod and go fishing. This is a great way to combine your favorite pastime with the calm contemplation of a flourishing nature. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, reboot a little. Unlike active spinning fishing, feeder fishing is more measured, calm. Requires concentrated immersion in the process.

So that a novice fisherman could be imbued with this special kind of fishing, we will tell you a little more about it. We will give tips on how to choose the right feeder gear.

What are feeder rods
Feeder – tackle designed for bottom fishing. He came from England, which did not stop him from winning the love of anglers all over the world. Bream, carp, and crucian carp are caught on this fishing rod. With proper dexterity, you can even fish out a nimble predator like a pike. The gear is suitable for fishing on a lake, a river with a small or strong current, a pond or an artificial canal.

The principle of fishing is clear from the name of the product: “feed” – “feed”. Its basis is the point feeding of fish at the casting site. The feeder is equipped with a feeder, which is attached next to the hook. The feeder is made in the form of a cell, where the lure is laid. When casting, the feed partially settles to the bottom, partially remains in the feeder and diverges through the water. This type of point feeding is suitable for long casting.

The rod consists of several knees connected by a plug mount. At the end is the top. It performs the function of a kind of float: bending is controlled by its bend.

Which test to choose a feeder rod
It all depends on where you are going to fish, which fish you will catch. The fishing rod test is the maximum weight of the load that it can withstand. According to a valid test, there are three types of forms:

Ultra Light Feeder or Picker – the choice of novice anglers. Length – 2.1-3 m; test – 10-40 gr. The goal is a small fish; standing water or water with a small current; casting range up to 20-40 m.
Light Feeder – an option for fishermen to be more experienced. Length – 3-3.6 m; test – 40-60 gr. The goal is a larger fish; calm water; casting up to 100 m.
Heavy Feeder – products for experienced anglers. Length – 3.6-4.2 m; test – 100-120 gr. The goal is large fish; distant casting.
There are intermediate options: Medium Feeder and Extra Heavy Feeder. The test of the first is 80-100 gr; the second – 120-300 gr.

Decide for yourself which model is right for you. The larger the prey, the stronger the current, the further the cast, the greater should be the test of the selected rod.

A little bit about the system

This characteristic is no less important than the test and product length. It determines how elastic the feeder rod will be, how quickly it will return to its original position after unloading. There are three types of systems:

Fast – suitable for experienced fishermen. The goal is large fish; distant casting. This is a hard form, in which only the apex bends when biting. Such a feeder is heavier than other models, which complicates casting.
Slow – suitable for different types of fishing. The goal is small, medium-sized fish; near, distant casting. The entire rod bends all the way to the comel. It’s easier to control the game.
Complex – a system of professional products. The goal is from small to large fish; near, distant casting. The bending of the blank depends on the degree of load. It starts from the top, and as the strength increases, the remaining knees bend to the comel. Complex feeder fishing is the choice of experienced anglers.

Can I use a feeder rod as a spinning rod
Professional fishermen believe that each type of fishing has its own type of gear. But even they are no, no, yes experimenting with different options for using fishing rods. Catching a predator on feeder gear is a rare practice, more akin to entertainment. But she has a place to be.

If you want to experiment, you can use a picker instead of spinning. It is comfortable to hold in hands. True, it will be difficult to fish out large prey; skill will be needed. For a beginner, it is better to use fishing tackle for its intended purpose.

How to equip a feeder rod
It is not enough to find a suitable form, you need to pick up the remaining elements of the feeder.

Choose 2000-3000 inertialess reels for models ranging from picker to Medium Feeder. 4000 – Heavy and Extra Heavy Feeder.

Install a monofilament line that stretches a little under load. It dampens the movement of fish when fighting. Braided fishing line withstands heavy loads. But when hooking, prey may come down. Therefore, supplement the line with a rubber shock absorber.

An important point is the choice of access rings. They must be made of durable materials, withstand constant friction of fishing line, ingress of sand, dirt. The more rings are installed along the length of the rod, the more evenly the load is distributed. Remember: you need to fix the rings along one axis.

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