How to catch a large carp - chasing a trophy
Probably, there is not a single avid angler who would say with honest eyes that he does not like carp fishing. After all, it was small carpans and carps that…

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How to catch a large carp – chasing a trophy

Probably, there is not a single avid angler who would say with honest eyes that he does not like carp fishing. After all, it was small carpans and carps that once at a young age delighted us so, only occasionally getting caught in the hook with the ubiquitous carpentry and crucian carp. Catching a large carp is not an easy task, but extremely interesting and exciting!

Since then, little has changed in this regard, the only thing is that the gear has become an order of magnitude more reliable and high-tech, and the fish is more cunning and biased towards the nozzles.

carp fishing
Trophy carp caught on bottom tackle

In the Stavropol Territory, as, in my opinion, in many other regions, there are two types of carp fishing – fishing in stocked reservoirs, with almost a 100% guarantee of catching “standard” sizes of fish, and fishing in wild reservoirs (canals, rivers, reservoirs) , where the chance of catching a carp is low, but the size of the catch is most unpredictable. An example is the 13-kilogram carp caught by my very good friend on one of the canals near the city of Stavropol.

Bait is a usual mayfly (this is about the exclusive use of expensive boilies in attracting trophy specimens of “piglets”). And this is not the only case of the capture of trophy carps in the Stavropol wild waters. But I, probably, will not be completely honest, saying that such a fish is simply not on the “payers”. Of course there is. Especially in those in which they have not let the water go for a long time. For example, as I know, not far from the city of Nevinnomyssk and in the Neftekumsky region of the region there are several such ponds. Fishing for them, as a rule, is not very dynamic: he came, fed, installed gear and everything, you sit, wait for a bite.

And it can peck once an hour or, in general, once a day. Here you will not guess, especially when the owners of the reservoir feed their pets not regularly and not on schedule. However, despite this, carps weighing 5 kilograms are not so rare in fishermen’s catches, moreover, unlike wild ponds, you can catch non-feeble cupid on 17 stocks and not deserted ponds … Yes, yes , you heard right, Cupid 17 pounds! Just such a monster was somehow pulled out by one of my friend’s acquaintances. Personally, I have not yet felt such giants on my gear, but I managed to catch 3-4-kilogram cupids, and this season. So why am I saying this?

grass carp
Grass carp often comes along with carp

And besides, the best option for fishing for carp in our region would be fishing on rarely stocked reservoirs. There are all the advantages of ordinary paid ponds (convenient access, gazebos, etc.), and the owners of these “semi-wild aquariums” will often tell and advise who, where, when and how to fish, wishing your next visit to visit them. In addition, it is very pleasant to realize what you are catching in a large closed old water tank, where large fish peck.

It is very good if this reservoir is equipped with dense thickets of reeds, snag or similar garbage, which the fish must use as a shelter. However, there are a few “buts”: the casting of equipment should be done very carefully in such places, and when fishing on the “harvester”, which will be discussed below, it is better not to do it at all, since in 70% of cases this casting will lead to a hook .

The maximum depth of the “payers”, as a rule, varies between 4-6 meters, which complicates the feeding of the fishing place, however, with the proper preparation of the bait this will no longer be a problem.

So, let’s say you finally got to this type of reservoir, if possible, asked the guests about this place, agreed on the price and local fishing rules. Now it is necessary to determine the place of fishing, and not just the place of fishing, but the place of fishing for carp. Large “piglets”, as you know, feed from point to point, that is, they have their own proven paths along which they follow throughout the day. It is with such paths that fishing zones should intersect, unless, of course, it is planned to catch an ordinary “standard” carp weighing up to a kilogram. If you do not have information on the place of fishing, then you have to catch by trial and error.

Thank God this is not as scary as it could be in some wild pond. Fish on “payers” feed almost everywhere, you just have to bring it to the place of fishing with the bait aroma.

Carp fishing tackle must be strong enough so that with the strongest jerks of the fish they could not upset the angler with their breakage. Most often, such disorders occur offshore when mining is brought directly to the landing.

As a rule, at this moment, the carp makes the final jerks to the depth, spending its last strength on this. In terms of fishing rods, I will not advise anything concrete, because with the proper skill of a large pond carp, you can even pull it out on a feeder gear that has sufficient strength.

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